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Nov 25, 2018  |  Hayward, CA  |  Dora G.

"My family and I love their customer service. They recognized our fur baby upon entrance and the respect care and love they provide to our lovely dogs is beyond compare!!! Bear Loved being pampered!!! And for Princess to be her first puppy haircut was beautiful!!! A definite great experience and highly recommend versus big name pet stores where it's treated more like assembly line work. Will definitely be returning with our little ones when they need a re touch."

Nov 8, 2018  |  Hayward, CA  |  DeeJay M.

"My puppies, Nutz n Bolt, were super energetic after receiving an updated haircut. They were happy and looked handsome. I would recommend these groomers and have to my friend with a Schnauzer...her puppy loved his haircut just as much! Thank u n God bless!"

Oct 12, 2018  |  Manteca, CA  |  Christine M.

"Love bringing my German Shepherd to get cleaned up and they really treat my Nina so good I would recommend this place for sure"

Oct 8, 2018  |  San Leandro, CA  |  Patrick Q.

"Love this place! Does a great job every time! Claudia always takes care of my dirty dogs!"

Sep 6, 2018  |  Newark, CA  |  MR L.

"I was referred by my aunt who asked me to drop off her 2 babies Ashley and Princess to Claudia. They came out so beautiful I had to bring my little prince the following week. I'm totally satisfied with her service! I will continue to bring him there."

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Aug 30, 2018  |  San Leandro, CA  |  Cherilyn R.

"Just moved to CA and was worried about finding a groomer that would be gentle with my puggle and I scored big time! The ladies are wonderful here. This is our new home groomer for sure."

Aug 29, 2018  |  Fresno, CA  |  Joana L.

"Claudia was super friendly and took in my two small dogs for a quick nail trim. She was very personable and kind to my two furry kids. Thanks Claudia!"

Aug 24, 2018  |  San Leandro, CA  |  Bella M.

"If I could give 5 1/2 stars I would! I've been going to Claudia for a while now, and I love that I can call her when I need an appointment because she will take Louie in that same day. Her shop is clean, and her staff is very friendly. I feel secure leaving Louie with them because I know he will be taken care of. You can tell that she has a passion for what she does and cares about her clients. Yesterday after getting home, I got a call from Claudia because I had forgotten Louie's collar at her shop. She told me to text her my address & said she would drop off his collar on her way home. How sweet is that?! Her prices are also super affordable, and from my experience, their services usually take between 2-4 hrs, so you know they are taking their time. They used to send our babies home with bandannas, which I thought was super cute. Thanks for always taking awesome care of Louie!"

Aug 7, 2018  |  San Leandro, CA  |  Diana E.

"I took my cocker spaniel to Claudia's today and was really happy with the results. His ears were a bit matted, but mainly he needed a good clean up; especially since the last time I took him to pet smart and the guy did a terrible job. I would recommend Claudia'a to others and I will be going back."

Jul 23, 2018  |  San Leandro, CA  |  Gio G.

"We've brought our little Toy Pomeranian Mojo to many local pet groomers and had many a hit or miss experience with getting the boo cut done for him. Claudia's took our dog in the same day and as I walked in saw the Yorkie she finished grooming and was quite impressed. Claudia is a friendly lady and her crew are friendly as well. Although I was reluctant to take another stab at the boo cut, Claudia appeared confident that it would be a problem. I told her and showed her the bad cuts from previous groomers (I will not name anybody) and she assured me she was able to do it. We came back to pick him up and he came out perfectly trimmed and fresh. On top of all that her prices are the LOWEST in town! Glad I gave them a shot and will definitely be back."

Jul 6, 2018  |  San Leandro, CA  |  Jessica G.

"So glad we found Claudia's! I've been taking my shih tzu to her for a while now and I don't think I'll ever take him anywhere else. I love that I can just call in on the day of to make an appointment and she'll let me bring him in, no problem. There's not one bummed out pup in the place. One of the really big things that makes me stay with Claudia's is that their grooming tables and bath area aren't hidden. It always made me feel uncomfortable whenever I'd drop my dog off to a groomer and they'd take them to a mysterious place in the back. But at Claudia's, everything is out in the open and it's great because you can see how they work with the dogs. Claudia and her whole team are so great with them! I love that when I call in and ask to schedule an appointment for Dubs, she remembers who he is. The prices are also affordable - I usually pay around $55 - $60 for a full bath, hair cut, and nail cut. And I bring my dog there when he's got a lot of hair so this is totally worth it. If you're in the San Leandro area and your fur baby needs a clean up, definitely go to Claudia's."

May 3, 2018  | San Leandro, CA  |  George M.

"I started going to Claudia's and San Leandro when she first opened. Claudia has a fantastic personality and is very good with the dogs. My little Maddie knows as soon as I pull in the parking lot that she's going to get her a spa day LOL she gets her cut her pedicure her manicure and she gets Your Bass she loves it she really enjoys going there starts crying when I told him to the driveway which makes me feel good because I know she's being treated like their own kids my recommendation is give her a call make an appointment going and seeing you will not be disappointed she does all breeds of dogs that I can see my little girls are Brussels Griffon and I won't let anybody touch her except for Claudius I took her in one time she saw that there was a problem she called me she finished the job I took my dog directly to the vet and got her gland taken care of which I did not know she was having a problem with they just go the extra mile I've been to a lot of groomers but she's number one in my book definitely."

Feb 3, 2018  |  San Leandro, CA  |  Wendy L.

"Thank you so much, Claudia! Milo looks much better now. He was good even it was a first time for him because of your kindness and professional. Wish to see you guys soon!"

Jan 27, 2018  |  Castro Valley, CA  |  Pauline N.

"Claudia's is a good place to bring your dog for grooming. I'm happy when she opened another shop in San Leandro, which is much more convenient for me. My dog looks perfect after a good wash. Her staff are professional and friendly. They even accommodate special instructions for your pup, including using prescription shampoo, with no extra cost. Best deal in town for great service. That's Claudia's!"

Jan 7, 2018  |  Castro Valley, CA  |  Maria P.

"Great service. She's super nice and did exactly what we asked her to do. Our dog loved her new hair do."

Jan 3, 2018  |  San Leandro, CA  |  Calvin N.

"Claudia and the team is awesome. Our GSD can be a handful especially he have separation anxiety and is terrified of water. But, every time I get him back from Claudia he looks great! Highly recommend them."

Dec 23, 2017  |  San Leandro, CA  |  Christina P.

"Claudia did an excellent job with my 4 month old puppy. He hates it when people touch his face and comb his fur. I took him to Petsmart for his first time at the groomers, but they weren't able to trim anything. Claudia managed to trim his face and brush out all the knots in his body and he came out looking good. Would definitely recommend!"

Sep 27, 2017  |  Castro Valley, CA  |  Denise H.

"They are the best! Even when I call last minute, same day she will take my 2 Shih Tzu's. My dogs are always groomed nicely! They are friendly and professional."

Sep 9, 2017  |  East Bay, CA  |  Adrianna J.

"Claudia has been Jason's groomer for about 8 years. In fact, she is who gave him his very first haircut. When Jason turned 1, like the cool (obsessed) dog mom that I am, I threw him a birthday party. Invited everyone I knew with a dog & for those who didn't have a dog, told them to borrow one. No dog, no entry. 
All the dog guests were very cute but one stood out. His haircut was exactly what I wanted Jason to rock. I asked the person who brought him but they had no idea who groomed him because this particular dog was borrowed. Thankfully, I was sent the groomers info by the following day. The first time meeting Claudia, she knew exactly who the other Yorkie I went in describing was & Jason walked out of there looking exactly like him! I followed her when she opened up her shop in Castro Valley. I would make the long drive every time Jason was due for a haircut. I have tried other groomers because of the distance & they always mess up his hair. Claudia is the only one that gets it perfect every time. Jason is not scared nor does he cry when I leave him with her (he's cried with other groomers). I've walked in & have seen him playing & having a good time. Who wouldn't be happy after getting a great cut, right?
I am so happy now that Claudia has opened a second location in San Leandro. It's only a few minutes from where I work which makes it so convenient! Another important fact that I should mention for anyone with a small dog is that Claudia cares so much about her clients & their pets. A clear example is not scheduling Jason when bigger dogs are there. There have been times when I call her last minute for an appointment & she tells me she has an opening but has a big dog during that time & would prefer if I chose a different time. Only someone that cares would disclose that information. I highly recommend this place!"

Aug 26, 2017  |  San Lorenzo, CA  |  Julie H.

"Today's my third time taking my dog kiwi to Claudia's. My dog Kiwi always tries to jump out the tub when I try to wash him myself. I imagine needing a lot of patience to wash him. I'm really glad I found Claudia on Yelp. She is very patient and nice! Thank you Claudia's!"

Aug 17, 2017  |  Fremont, CA  |  Rita W.

"It's my first time to take GorGor and JuJu to Claudia's. Their cut exceeds my expectation. Price is very reasonable. Will definitely visit Claudia again."

Jul 26, 2017  |  San Leandro, CA  |  George M.

"Claudia is definitely one of the best groomers around I'm so happy she moved to San Leandro my dog Maddie 5 weeks when I pull up in front of her shop Maddie knows exactly where she's at she'll jump out of the car and go to the front door she loves this place she gets a spa day pedicure manicure haircut and shampoo LOL and she loves it they're really good with her I've never seen a dog rare and turn to go get pampered LOL thank you Claudia to you and your staff you're doing a fantastic job and I hardly recommend you with Ken Stars give her a try if you can't make it to San Leandro she has another shop in Castro Valley and I believe one in Hayward but you'd have to call or look it up online Maddie says thank you keep up the good work"

Jul 8, 2017  |  San Francisco, CA  |  W N.

"We followed Claudia from her place in Castro Valley to her second shop here. She always does a fantastic job. Always listens to what we ask for. Drop our dog in right when they open and and pick her up a couple of hours later. Fifi always looks happy when she's done with Claudia. Thank you so much!"

Jun 30, 2017  |  Sierra Madre, CA  |  Destiny R.

"The people there are very polite and positive, especially very helpful. I have a pure bred Pomeranian and JACK HAS A LOT OF HAIR. It's a lot of work to maintain his soft fluffy hair. Claudia's Coiffure Le' Petite is just around the corner and Was the first place I trusted to cut my baby's hair. I WILL NEVER GO TO ANYONE ELSE! I LOVED IT! He can also be a handful from cutting his nails and hair but they always do an amazing job! Jack loves to get in the water and play with his toys and loves to play on the grass so I always have to make sure after 4-6 months to cut his hair.."

Jun 21, 2017  |  Fremont, CA  |  Grant B.

"Claudia has been grooming my toy poodles for about 5 years. So far so good."

May 26, 2017  |  San Francisco, CA  |  Jen L.

"We are consistently happy with Claudia and her services! Prices are affordable and location is even better (less than 5 minutes away for us! Can't beat that laziness!). Decided to wait until after a few visits before I review due to an unfortunate incident at another groomer before we found Claudia. 
Our dogs are fairly simple dogs and we bathe them in between sessions; but we know when, and at what point, it's time to leave the grooming to a professional. Our Shiba Inu mix has a double coat that just attracts all the grease no matter how deep we think we're cleaning her. Claudia a miracle worker and always manages to degrease her good and get her back to her fluffy self. For our pom, I always ask for a simple trim all around because I don't want to get rid of his cute beariness. She does exactly that and even manages to trim around his belly & boy bits without accidents! 
I've recommended her to a few of our friends already, and will continue to sing her praises! :)"

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